Welcome to SIFA – the fast way to the Swedish language

SIFA offers a different way to study Swedish compared to other schools. You study with the same class from start to finish – for a calm and stable learning environment.

What can you expect from us as our student? Learn about how we work and about our partnerships.

Being a student

SIFA belongs to the municipal adult education in Stockholm and provides Swedish courses free of charge.

Are you new in Sweden and looking for Swedish courses in Stockholm? Do you want to learn Swedish in a fast pase?

Admissions are handled by Center for Adult education. All courses start 5 times a year.

I have learned so much the past weeks! It's been very intensive but fun to learn a new language!

Intensive Swedish (SFI CT/C) student, spring semester 2021

Our school in images

Our courses are designed for adults with an academic background.
Our highly skilled teachers has a long experience of teaching Swedish to academics.
As a part of Campus Åsö, we offer a school library for Swedish reading practice.
Studying with us gives an opportunity to network with students in a similar situation to yours.