Intensive Swedish – distance learning

A high-quality distance learning programme where you are in regular contact with a qualified teacher and involved in group work with fellow students.

About distance learning at SIFA

Our distance courses include instructions, films, exercises and a lot of interaction and communication. You will be in regular dialog with our experienced teachers, who create individual arrangements for each student to learn within the digital environment.

During distance learning, you will take part in lessons, supervision and group work online every week. You will also be able to decide where and when you want to study, for most of part of your studies. During SFI and basic courses, you are able to schedule your teaching session to take place during daytime or in the evening.

The flexibility of the programme will allow you to combine your Swedish studies with work, other education, or family life.

When to apply

Programme start August 12

Application period: May 13–June 9.

Programme start October 14

Application period: August 19–September 15.


In addition to your scheduled classes, full-time distance learning requires you to spend approximately 30 hours per week on self-study.

Sfi CT: two lessons a week, between 9.30–11.00
Sfi D: two lessons a week, between 12.00-13.00
Swedish basic, module 3: one lesson a week, between 10.00–12.00

Sfi CT: one lesson a week, between 17.00–18.30 and 18.45–20.15
Sfi C: one lesson a week, between 17.00–20.00
Sfi D: one lesson a week, between 17.00–19.00
Swedish basic, module 3: one lesson a week, between 17.00–19.00

Education programme structure

You can begin the programme between level sfi CT and SVA basic 3, depending on your current language level.

If you start at the sfi CT level and study up to the upper secondary school's final course, Swedish as a second language 3 (SVA 3), the programme takes approximately 1,5 years.

Brief description of the programme

  • You will start the programme with SFICT/C or D, or SVA basic 3, depending on your previous knowledge
  • You will then be studying in a consistent distance education programme all the way to upper secondary course SVA 3
  • After completing a course, you will proceed directly to the next course
  • You will be part of the same study group from start to finish. The study groups will not expand once a course has started.
  • You will complete the programme via our learning platform Microsoft Office 365 and Teams 

Every week you are expected to attend:

  • online
  • small group coaching session with your teacher
  • group work session with fellow classmates that you schedule together.

Technical requirements

To be able to participate, you need access to a computer, internet connection and a working camera and microphone.

Study pace

The following describes the study pace for the courses in the programme. In SFI and basic courses, you will choose between one teaching session during the day or one teaching session in the evening. 

SFI courses

SFI CT (beginner level)

  • 50% 


  • 100%


  • 100% 

Basic courses

Swedish as a second language basic, module 3 and 4

  • 200 credits, 100%

Upper secondary level courses

Swedish as a second language 1, 2 and 3

  • 100 credits, 55%