This is SIFA

When you start your language studies, you will begin at your current language level. We will then place you in a group with a similar background.

We offer three SFX education programmes and intensive studies in Swedish without a vocational orientation, either on campus or through distance studies.

  • SFP (Intensive Swedish for educators)
  • SFEJ (Intensive Swedish for economists, lawyers and other social scientists)
  • SFINX (Swedish for engineers and architects).

The common characteristics of these programmes are:

  • Classes are held during the day – full day or morning or afternoon – which varies depending on the course. 
  • The scope of study varies from course to course. During the first courses in the programmes, you study full time (100%), while the final, upper secondary courses are part time (50%).
  • You will start in the course that matches your current language level, and the date that you start will affect how long it will take to complete your studies. If you start as a beginner, the programme takes about 1.5 years.

SIFA offers

  • an intensive education programme in Swedish at an accelerated pace
  • a school with years of experience providing teaching programmes for academics
  • experienced, committed and qualified teachers
  • a stimulating study environment with course participants from all over the world
  • an expansive internal network that includes a large number of international students
  • access to our established external networks with universities, university colleges and the business community
  • study guidance to prepare for university college and university studies as well as professional life.

In our education programmes, you will complete the following Swedish courses:

  • SFI CT/C
  • SFI D
  • SVA basic, module 3
  • SVA basic, module 4
  • SVA 1*
  • SVA 2
  • SVA 3.

* Upper secondary level.

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