Examinations (Prövningar)

Within the framework of Intensive Studies in Swedish, Swedish examination may be completed.

Students who received a grade of F on a course and have completed the course can take the test. In those cases, the test is free.

Individuals who are not enrolled in the school can also take the test. Each test attempt costs approximately SEK 500.

We conduct tests on the following courses:

  • SFI C
  • SFI D
  • SVA basic level 3
  • SVA basic level 4
  • SVA1
  • SVA2
  • SVA3

Register for sfi and basic level tests

To register for a Swedish examination on SFI C, SFI D, SVA basic level 3 and 4 – fill out the form below.

How to register for SVA1, SVA2 and SVA3