Study with us

Here's what to expect when you study with us.

Library and course literature


You can apply for study assistance from CSN when you study at the basic level and upper secondary level at SIFA. When you apply for study assistance, you are asked to state your study pace. Your find study pace within the information on each individual program.

However, you can not receive study assistance from CSN when you study at the SFI level.

If you have any questions, contact the Campus study and career guidance counsellor.

Zero tolerance against any form of discrimination or bullying

The foundation of all our work is that "everyone is equal". All the staff/faculty at the school have a joint responsibility to detect, prevent and immediate action against discrimination and any other form of bullying.

We have a "zero" tolerance for any form of discrimination, harassment and bullying. Our policy against discrimination and bullying is evaluated and revised on a yearly basis, and enforced throughout our organisation.

Retaking courses with ‘F’ grade

If you are enrolled in our:
  • Sfx programmes you are allowed to retake one course one time.
  • Intensive studies in Swedish programme you are not allowed to retake any course.

Help with your studies

Campus Åsö provides students with access to:

  • Study and career guidance counsellors
  • Special educators and language support
  • Student support (Study coach and special teacher) 
  • Study team (occupational therapist, counsellor and psychologist).

Qualified teachers

All of our teachers have formal qualifications and extensive experience in adult education. We work closely with you to help you develop your language skills and to plan your future studies and professional life. We offer continuity, personal follow-up and intensive language studies.

The premises

SIFA has a computer room that you can use independently for your Swedish studies, whenever the space is available. As a student at the school, you also have access to study spaces and printers.

Map of Campus Åsö

It can be a bit difficult to find the right entrance and corridor in such a large building. Here you will find a map of the entire building.

Illustration of the school area with entrances A–F. You can access the main entrance from the corner of Blekingegatan and Åsögatan.

Map of Campus Åsö’s school building and entrances.

Being a student