Meet our students

Meet Hélène, one of our students at SIFA. She moved to Sweden in July 2020 from Belgium and is now studying Swedish as a second language level 3 (SVA 3).

New friends and learning Swedish at an intensive tempo

To study at SIFA is really interesting, fruitful and a lot of fun! I have met new friends from all over the world and the teachers are really engaged in their job.

When I moved to Sweden I started to study Swedish at the regular sfi. I started at SIFA at sfi level D, and the differences are that we all start the program at the same time at SIFA and that the tempo is more intensive. 

The lessons and the teachers at SIFA are organized and structured, but also fun and rewarding.

Interviews in Swedish after only a few months

The biggest progress for me is that we have been taught the rules of the language (grammatical conjugation) in a quite detailed way that helped us to develop our Swedish on solid bases. 

I have noticed a difference in my everyday life and professional life. After only a few months I felt more confident and I even got interviews in Swedish.

The goal to be fluent in Swedish

My goal is to be fluent in Swedish so I can communicate with friends, colleagues and my partners family.

I am currently working as an ecologist at a Swedish speaking workplace. Sweden has great job opportunities and speaking Swedish is an advantage or even a requirement in most of cases when applying for a job.

Smaklig måltid as we say in Sweden

My favourite word in Swedish is smaklig måltid (enjoy your meal) because I love eating and having a fika is a great Swedish tradition!

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